The Low Countries

Arts and Society in Flanders and The Netherlands

Les annales se proposent de passer en revue l'actualité littéraire, culturelle et sociale, tant en Flandre qu'aux Pays-Bas. Elles portent également un intérêt particulier aux relations entre le monde anglophone et néerlandophone. Elles paraissent depuis 1993.

320 pages - quadrichromie

Belgique: € 37,00

France et Europe: € 39,00

Autres pays: € 45,00 


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The Low Countries - 2017, № 25 / maart 2017

Between the late 1950s and mid-1970s Western society and culture undeniably experienced great changes, which also affected the Low Countries. The first symptoms of protest culture originated in the 1950s. The most frenzied events took place at the end of the 1960s and the far-reaching consequences of their various changes became clear in the 1970s.

Power and authority, at least the traditional forms of authority (that of government, educators, teachers and the churches) sustained serious damage. Young people freed themselves from all kinds of shackles.

What remains of all that in the Low Countries half a century on?

In this book, we discuss student uprisings in Amsterdam in 1969 and 2015, and Boudewijn de Groot, iconic singer-songwriter of the Low Countries who is still singing today. We discuss the sexual revolution and the price revolution always entails. We ask what the happenings of pop art have to tell us now, and investigate the extent of secularisation in the Low Countries in the last half century and to what degree today’s sharing economy is indebted to initiatives and practices which emerged in those years.

We close the theme with a refined literary anthology.

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