The aims of Ons Erfdeel vzw are:


  • to provide information and reflect on cultural and social trends in the Low Countries;
  • to increase awareness of Flemish and Dutch culture abroad;
  • to promote cultural cooperation between all Dutch-speaking people.
The institution seeks to achieve these objectives by publishing and distributing books and periodicals in Dutch and other languages and by organising events, debates and other cultural occasions.


Murissonstraat 260
8930 Rekkem
tel. +32 (0)56 411201
fax +32 (0)56 414707
email: info@onserfdeel.be
VAT: BE 0410.723.635


The Netherlands
Smidswater 27
2514 BW Den Haag
tel. +31 (0) 708209115


Who is who?

Publications Editors

Luc Devoldere, Chief Editor (luc.devoldere@onserfdeel.be)

Dirk Van Assche, Assistant Chief Editor (dirkvanassche@onserfdeel.be)

Tomas Vanheste, Assistant Chief Editor 


Editorial Secretaries

Dirk Van Assche, Editorial Secretary and Managing Editor of De Franse Nederlanden - Les Pays-Bas Français (dirkvanassche@onserfdeel.be)

Pieter Coupé, Editorial Secretary and Managing Editor of Ons Erfdeel (onserfdeel@onserfdeel.be)

Luc Devoldere, Editorial Secretary and Managing Editor of The Low Countries (tlc@onserfdeel.be)

Hans Vanacker, Editorial Secretary and Managing Editor of Septentrion (septentrion@onserfdeel.be)



Philippe Vanwalleghem, Head of Administration (adm@onserfdeel.be

Dorothee Cappelle, Administrative Secretary (adm@onserfdeel.be)


Board of Directors

Herman Balthazar, President

Luc Devoldere, Managing Director

Bert De Graeve / Danny De Raymaeker / Hilde Laga / Mark Leysen / Marita Mathijsen / Jan Schinkelshoek / Paul Schnabel / Frits van Oostrom / Adriaan van der Staay / Ludo Verhoeven

Philip Houben, Honorary President



Ons Erfdeel vzw's accounts:


IBAN: BE11 4674 1205 2148



IBAN: NL48 INGB 0001 0841 98


RIB: 30004 00530 00010183683 32
IBAN: FR76 3000 4005 3000 0101 8368 332

Origins and development

In 1957, Jozef Deleu founded the periodical Ons Erfdeel. The journal’s success was such that by the end of the 1960s a more professional organisation was needed. That is why, in 1970, the Flemish-Netherlands cultural institution Stichting Ons Erfdeel vzw was established as a non-profit-making organisation. It is a recognised legal entity in the Netherlands and in Flanders. Ideologically and politically it is totally independent.
In June 1972 the new cultural institution began its activities with the publication of the French-language journal Septentrion.
From 1976 on Ons Erfdeel vzw has published the bilingual yearbook De Franse Nederlanden/Les Pays-Bas Français, which was followed in 1993 by the first issue of the English-language yearbook The Low Countries.
In addition to these Ons Erfdeel vzw has published numerous books in various languages on aspects of the culture of Flanders and the Netherlands.
In 2006, the Stichting Ons Erfdeel vzw officially changed its name into Ons Erfdeel vzw.
The financial and general management of Ons Erfdeel vzw is separate from the editorial activities. The link between the organisation’s management and the editorial boards of its publications is the managing director, who is also the chief editor of all the publications.
Jozef Deleu was the organisation’s Managing Director and Chief Editor of all its publications until 30 April 2002. He has been succeeded in both positions by Luc Devoldere.