A Fair Face passed away - Patricia Carson (1929-2014)

Patricia Carson was born in Oreston, United Kingdom in 1929 and studied history in London.

After her wedding with Raoul Van Caenegem, professor of medieval history at the University of Ghent who would become an expert in English law, she lived permanently in Ghent and made her speciality of studying the relations between Great Britain and the Low Countries throughout the centuries.

Her most successful book, many times reprinted is The Fair Face of Flanders (1969), translated into Dutch, French, German and Bulgarian. She also wrote Ghent, a town for all seasons (1972), translated in Dutch, French and German, and James Van Artevelde: The man from Ghent (1980).

On 8 July 1996, she was made a member of the Belgian nobility, with the personal title of baroness. She was also a well respected member of the Advisory Committee of our Yearbook The Low Countries.

Several articles written by and about Patricia Carson were published in the periodicals of the Flemish-Dutch cultural organisation Ons Erfdeel vzw. Here is an overview.