International Attention for Early Music from Flanders

International Attention for Early Music from Flanders

From a lost clarinet to polyphonic installation art: Early Music from Flanders is now attracting a great deal of interest abroad. Flemish musicians travel the world to perform their historically correct performances.

The term Early Music refers to pre-classical styles (medieval, renaissance or baroque music), but is also used for all forms of music performed with a so-called HIP (historically informed performance).  On the basis of musicological research, musicians try to stay as close as possible to the authentic performance.

Japanese focus on Flanders

An example of such a historical performance are the concerts of Vlad Weverbergh and Terra Nova Collective with the Clari d'amore, a lost clarinet reconstructed by the ensemble on the basis of original descriptions. After a world premiere at Chamber Music America in January, they also demonstrated the clarinet at the most recent edition of the Musica Antiqua Takamatsu.


Musica Antiqua Takamatsu.

This year, the Japanese Festival focused on Flanders. With the support of Minister of Culture Sven Gatz, artistic director Toshiyuki Shibata invited Flemish musicians for concerts, co-productions and master classes.

Besides Terra Nova Collective, Capriola di Gioia and Romina Lischka also presented their work. There were also recitals, concerts and lectures in other cities such as Nagoya, Hamamatsu and Tokyo.

Vlad Weverbergh with the Clari d'amore

Flemish masters

To make Flanders more and better known abroad, the campaign 'Flemish Masters' was launched; as a result, besides Flemish painting, the glorious period of Flemish polyphony (15th - 16th century) is regularly highlighted.
For example, the opening of a new General Delegation of the Flemish Government in Italy on Sunday 24 February included the concert 'Laus Polyphoniae a Roma'. Cappella Pratensis and Sollazzo Ensemble performed music from the now famous 'Leuven Chansonnier'.

On Monday 25 February, Minister-President of the Flemish Government Geert Bourgeois opened the high-tech media installation by artist Rudi Knoops 'Speculum Musurgica'. This work brings the polyphonic compositions of Petrus Alamire to life visually and auditively.

Rudi Knoops, Speculum Musurgica

Also during the coming summer months, Early Music from Flanders will receive special attention abroad. With the support of the Flemish Government, the 'Festival de Musica Antiga dels Pirineus' (Catalonia) presents a new Flemish-Catalan co-production conducted by Frank Agsteribbe and a series of concerts with a.o. Romina Lischka & Sofie Vanden Eynde, Utopia, Il Gardellino, Les Abbagliatti, Red Herring ensemble.

Source: Kunstenpunt