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Flemish-Dutch cooperation 

The Flemish-Dutch House deBuren presents beauty and wisdom from the Low Countries and offers a platform for debate on culture, science, politics and society in Flanders, the Netherlands and Europe. Artists, journalists, scientists and politicians have the floor here.
The Nederlandse Taalunie is a policy-making organisation in which the Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname collaborate on matters concerning Dutch. The most important areas of work are: the Dutch language itself, Dutch in digital applications, education in and from Dutch, literature and the promotion of reading, and the position of Dutch in Europe and the world.
On 17 January 1995 the Dutch and Flemish governments signed a cultural treaty in Antwerp. The term “cultural treaty” means culture in the widest sense here, because the full title of the treaty is actually “Treaty between the Flemish Community in the Kingdom of Belgium and the Kingdom of the Netherlands on cooperation in the areas of culture, education, science and welfare.
At the Flemish cultural house the Brakke Grond, in Amsterdam, you can see the most exciting aspects of Flemish culture in the fields of theatre, performance, dance, music, the plastic arts, photography, film and documentary. Innovation, cross-pollination and artistic daring are the primary characteristics here. Apart from being a showcase for artists from Flanders, the Brakke Grond is also a place for international meetings and exchanges. Whatever is making the headlines in the Low Countries will be on the agenda at the Brakke Grond. The Brakke Grond nurtures dialogue between genres, disciplines and communities.


By giving grants and subsidies to writers, translators, publishers and festivals the Dutch Foundation for Literature stimulates quality and diversity in literature and contributes to the dissemination and promotion of Dutch and Frisian literature both at home and abroad. The foundation works to create the richest and most diverse possible literary climate, with a view to literary heritage and new developments in literature and the book sector.
The FLF supports Dutch literature and the translation into and from Dutch of literary works in the broad sense of the word. In this way it helps to improve the socio-economic position of Flemish authors and translators.
The DBNL, or Digital Library of Dutch Literature, is a website dedicated to Dutch literature, language and cultural history. The site contains literary texts, secondary literature and additional information such as biographies, portraits and hyperlinks, as well as a large number of studies and primary sources in the broader field of Dutch cultural history.
The Society of Dutch Literature, which is based in Leiden, was founded in 1766 as an association of literary experts, linguists and historians. Its purpose is to promote coherent cross-disciplinary practice in the three fields concerned.
Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde
The KANTL, or Royal Academy for Dutch Language and Literature, was founded in 1886 to stimulate cultural and literary life in Flanders. KANTL currently works on two levels: the promotion of Flemish culture and literature on the one hand, and research into the Dutch language, culture and literature on the other.
The personal website of the founder of Ons Erfdeel, Jozef Deleu.


Literary magazines
Overview of Flemish and Dutch literary magazines.

Cultural and Literary Magazines
The virtual magazine stand of CeLT, the Association of Cultural and Literary Magazines from Flanders.

Het Liegend Konijn
Magazine for contemporary Dutch poetry, founded by Jozef Deleu. Twice a year this magazine brings out previously unpublished Dutch poetry. Founded in 2003.


Flanders and the Netherlands abroad

Dutch embassies 

The Netherlands has over 150 embassies, consulates and permanent delegations abroad.

Belgian embassies 

Overzicht van de Belgische ambassades en consulaten in het buitenland.

Institut Néerlandais

The Institut Néerlandais, founded in 1957, is the Dutch cultural centre in Paris. It is both a platform for Dutch culture in France and a forum for cultural exchange between France and the Netherlands.  It organises exhibitions, concerts, film showings, lectures, workshops, panel discussions, literary presentations and evenings devoted to dance and theatre. Every year over 500 French people learn to speak Dutch there. 

Flemish representatives

The Flemish government has a network of around 120 representatives abroad.


Dutch studies

The IVN, or International Association of Dutch Studies, which was founded in 1970, is an interest group for lecturers and teachers of Dutch at universities and colleges of higher education all over the world. The association is supported financially by the Nederlandse Taalunie and offers a platform for Dutch studies, in the broadest sense, to over 15,000 students in a good 40 countries.

Social media

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