On 1 April the Flemish-Dutch cultural institution Ons Erfdeel vzw is to launch three new websites: www.de-lage-landen.com, www.les-plats-pays.com and www.the-low-countries.com. We’ve succeeded in snagging several big names as columnists for the occasion. Our goal is to provide even more context on culture from the Low Countries.

At Ons Erfdeel vzw we’ve been telling stories about Flanders and the Netherlands in three languages for years, with sharp-witted pens representing trustworthy voices. Those stories deserve a bigger, broader, younger audience. That’s why on 1 April we’re launching as many as three websites, in English, French and Dutch. Websites with a unified style but offering different content.



As you have been accustomed to from us for many years, on this platform too you will be able to read in-depth articles on art, language, literature, history and society in the Low Countries. For this purpose we are appealing to established names and young talent, from the Dutch-speaking region and far beyond. They supply the cultural context, in contemplative stories, columns and interviews, but also in photo reports, podcasts and videos.

To name just a few of our new columnists: Peter Vandermeersch (soon to be former editor in chief of NRC), Gaston Durnez (icon of Flemish journalism), Hind Fraihi (research journalist), Thomas Heerma van Voss (author) and Fieke Van der Gucht (linguist).

Through the websites the reader will also be able to consult our rich archive of thousands of articles.

Spider in the web

The websites will follow current affairs, but not on a day-to-day basis. With its in-depth articles, Ons Erfdeel vzw aims to be a reliable beacon of information, reflection and commentary on relevant cultural and social developments in the Low Countries.

The platforms also aim to become the spider in the web of all those who care about collaboration between Flanders and the Netherlands. Disseminating information from partner organisations and interaction with the reader are top priorities.

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Also available on paper

The digital route that Ons Erfdeel vzw will take from now on does not mean an end to our paper publications, because as a publisher we believe in the hybrid model. The magazines Ons Erfdeel and Septentrion will therefore continue to exist. Paper and online content will complement and reinforce one another more than ever.

You can continue to read us on paper, but from now on also much more on the worldwide web.

Are you interested in the culture of Flanders and the Netherlands? Then from 1 April surf to www.the-low-countries.com, www.les-plats-pays.com and www.de-lage-landen.com.

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