Book Presentation: “Jacobs Vlucht” by Low Countries specialist Craig Harline

On Wednesday 2 November Dutch publisher Vantilt is to celebrate the launch of Jacobs Vlucht, a history book by Low Countries specialist Craig Harline translated into Dutch by Patrick De Rynck.

Set in the Low Countries in the Golden Age, the book tells the story of three generations living in religiously tempestuous times. Jacob is born in 1562 in Delft, into a family just converting to the new forbidden religion. He grows up to survive the uncertain times and become an established clergyman. Jacob’s son Timotheus suffers poverty and his grandson Jacob subsequently decides to convert to Catholicism, fleeing to Antwerp to become a Jesuit.

The Dutch publication elaborates on the historical part of Harline’s earlier work Conversions, published in the US, in which the author combines the story of Jacob Rolandus, a 17th century Dutch convert, with that of a modern-day American religious conversion to Mormonism.

Craig Harline (1956, California) is a professor at Brigham Young University specialised in the history of the Low Countries, with a particular interest in the religious life of Western Europe during the Reformation.

He has spent time as a visiting professor and research fellow at the Universities of Leuven and Antwerp and the VLAC in Brussels. Other popular titles of his include Way Below the Angels: The Pretty Clearly Troubled But Not Even Close to Tragic Confessions of a Real Live Mormon Missionary (2014) and Sunday: A History of the First Day from Babylonia to the Super Bowl (2007).

Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne, De zielenvisserij, 1614, oil on panel, 98,5cm × 187,8 cm, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

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