Cleveringa’s suitcase

And now there is a book (middle picture).Cleveringa’s suitcase (Leiden University Press) contains, besides Cleveringa’s original speech, a selection of nineteen 26th of November speeches at the University of Leiden, 1940-2010, by prominent speakers from the Netherlands and abroad.

In 1998, for example, V.W. Sidel spoke about “Medicine and Human Rights”; G. Salomon in 2003 on the theme “Does Peace Education make a Difference in the Context of an Intractable Conflict?” and Rosalyn Higgins in 2009 about “Ethics and International Law”.

In the foreword Kees Schuyt, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, reconstructs the November days of 1940 and expounds on the development and the changing character of the memorials. 

In the epilogue Ineke Sluiter, Professor of Greek at the University of Leiden, outlines how the events of the past have formed the present-day character of the Leiden University community.

(picture below right: first page of the original Cleveringa speech)

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