Dutch animator Gerrit van Dijk (1938 - 2012)

The Dutch animator Gerrit van Dijk has died at the age of 73. Born in 1938 in the village of Uden, Van Dijk studied at Tilburg Academy and began his career as a painter. He turned to animation after seeing the films of Norman McLaren and started making animated films in 1971 using various innovative techniques. His films, which he called moving paintings, were frequently screened at international festivals and in 1988 his dance film Pas à Deux (made with Monique Renault, see video above) won the Golden Bear for best short film at the Berlin Film Festival.

He won further recognition in 1997 for his animated film I move, so I am, which showed a hand drawing other hands (see video below). Van Dijk also played a role in setting up the Holland Animation Film Festival and the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film. His films were often barely five minutes long and his total output could comfortably be screened in a single evening, but Van Dijk made a major contribution to Dutch animation.

He no longer moves, but his work lives on.

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