From yearbook to website: follow our digital transition

Bringing our readers well-written stories about the Low Countries, carefully crafted by credible sources, has been Ons Erfdeel’s mission for many years. However, we are convinced those stories deserve a larger, wider, and younger readership. For that reason, this cultural organisation, which is firmly rooted in both Flanders and the Netherlands, chooses to go down the road to digitalisation, and plans to launch no less than three brand-new websites.

Like any publishing house out there, Ons Erfdeel faces the all-important question: Can we strike the right balance between print and digital media?

The magical power of the printed word is still very real. Market analyses demonstrate how quality books are gaining a newfound appreciation, and how readers are willing to part with their hard-earned cash to stock their shelves. We might even state that beautifully designed books are on the rise. Incidentally, you are able to find a few of those in our portfolio.

Publishers around the world are moving away from the print-digital divide and increasingly opt for a hybrid model combining print and online publishing. They have decided to firmly embrace a future offering both options. One condition remains, i.e. superior content. The device with which that content can be consulted, is of secondary importance.

We believe we are able to massively increase our English and French audiences by replacing our yearbooks in print The Low Countries and De Franse Nederlanden/Les Pays-Bas Français by ambitious web pages, and We aim to have them up and running by 1 April 2019.

The French-language website will feature articles from our magazine Septentrion, which will continue to appear in print. Our main publication Ons Erfdeel will go on to be made, and will also be accompanied by a fully-fledged website from next year:

Since we feel it is important for you, our reader, to be involved in the genesis of our digital future, you are able to keep an eye on the websites’ progress through this timeline.

In sum, you will be able to continue to enjoy us in print, with the added bonus of accessing our content on the limitless worldwide web.

Luc Devoldere

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