Letter written jointly by Van Gogh and Gauguin goes on sale

A unique four-page letter written jointly by Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin is to go on sale at Christie’s auction house in Paris, according to The Guardian. The letter, written on cheap paper ripped from a school exercise book, was penned in Arles in November 1888 at a time when the two artists were sharing the private house made famous in Van Gogh’s painting The Yellow House. Artistic renaissance This unique letter was sent to Emile Bernard, a young artist who inspired both men. It reveals the depth of the friendship between the two artists and the scope of their future plans, including their idea of founding a utopian community composed of artists who would establish a new artistic renaissance. But the relationship came to an end two months later when Van Gogh threatened Gauguin with a razor and then cut his own right ear. Gauguin returned to Paris and later moved to Polynesia while Van Gogh declined into madness and despair. Recently found The letter recently surfaced in a private collection and is to go on sale in December in Paris. It is expected to fetch up to €500,000, a Christie’s spokesman said. “I spend my life dealing with letters and this is one of the greatest, most electrifying I have ever seen,” said Thomas Venning of Christie's. “It takes you into their house, into their lives at this particular moment. You can imagine Van Gogh sitting down to write the letter on cheap paper because they didn’t have much money, then saying to Gauguin: ‘You finish it off’.”

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