Life by Accident: 'Moscow, Belgium' premieres in New York City

After being awarded, among others, the SACD Screenwriting Award at the Cannes Film Festival, this debut movie from director Christophe Van Rompaey recently also got the Krzysztof Kieslowski Award for Best Feature Film at the Denver Film Festival. This decision was motivated by ‘its warm and witty portrait of a working class woman, a film which transcends the stereotypes of the romantic comedy genre’, as the Denver Film Society reported. Marcos Bernal-Salas called it ‘nothing short of an engaging and realistic film’.Which seems to fall in with how the makers describe their movie: ‘Moscow, Belgium is a dramatic comedy about a woman whose soul is full of dents and bruises.’ A funny thing that happened on the way back from the supermarket and the subsequent pursuit of happiness, or life as it really is in Moscow, Belgium, on screen in New York City starting December 19.

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