New Translation of Herman Gorter's Poetry by Paul Vincent

On Tuesday 27 October University College London’s Centre for Low Countries Studies has hosted the launch of Herman Gorter: Poems of 1890, a new translation of Herman Gorter's poetry by Paul Vincent, published by UCL Press.


Gorter (1864–1927) is a key figure in Dutch literary history, a leading member of the Tachtigers, an influential group of writers who worked together in Amsterdam in the 1880s. This new selection of thirty-one poems focuses on the poet’s experimental love and nature lyrics, with an Introduction which sets the poems in the context of his earlier work 'Mei' (May) and often neglected Socialist verse.

Herman Gorter - Photo: Letterkundig Museum, The Hague.

Lover and Revolutionary

Paul Vincent taught Dutch at the University of London for more than twenty years and went on to become a full-time translator in 1989, subsequently twice winning the Reid Poetry Translation Prize as well as the Vondel Dutch Translation Prize in 2011. He has translated a wide variety of literature and regularly contributes to The Low Countries Yearbook. In 2011, Vincent wrote an article about "poet, lover and revolutionary" Herman Gorter. You can read it here

Open Access

UCL Press is the first fully open access university press in the UK. It seeks to use modern technologies and 21st-century publishing methods to change the prevailing models for dissemination of research, making its publications available to a global audience, irrespective of their ability to pay.

The poetry volume is available free in electronic form from UCL’s website. You can find it here

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