New work by Erwin Olaf on show in Arnhem

New works by the Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf are currently on show at the Arnhem museum of modern art MMKA. Titled Regressive, the exhibition features the photo series Dusk and Dawn of 2009 and the Berlin series of 2012 (top picture), as well as the installation Keyhole (right picture), which was recently acquired by the Arnhem museum. The Berlin series consists of portraits photographed in different Berlin locations including the 1936 Olympic Stadium, the Neukölln swimming pool and the town hall in Schöneberg where President Kennedy delivered his famous Cold War speech. Berlin then and now In these photographs, Olaf has departed from his usual technique of elaborate studio shots to photograph the scenes on site in the style of film clips. “I am obsessed with Berlin’s art and culture, both now and in the 1920s and 1930s when the city was heading inexorably towards destruction,” he said. His aim is to show the similarities between pre-war Berlin and the current crisis. “We in the West are dancing on the edge of a volcano,” he said. “You can feel that something terrible is about to happen, you read about it in the newspapers, but we keep on partying.”

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