Ons Erfdeel in 2018 and 2019: between stage, paper and platform

2018 gently extinguishes. A good moment to shine our light on the past year. But we are also focusing on 2019, the year in which Ons Erfdeel vzw will be online more than ever, with three new websites.

Dear reader,

2018 has been an important and eventful year for Ons Erfdeel, which you can tell from simply glancing at our timeline. We entered into a brand-new management contract with the Flemish government, and enthusiastically set our plans for our digital transition in motion. On September 1st, we welcomed a coordinator for our English-language online platform. Our stories, written down by critical and credible authors, deserve to be consumed by a larger, broader and younger readership.

Ons Erfdeel also took to the stage: we put on a play in French about Marguerite Yourcenar’s life and work in both Antwerp and Ghent, and also presented a multilingual multimedia-based performance about World War I in Paris and Brussels. Multilingualism is in our DNA. For that reason, we were able to promote Dutch and the Low Countries’ cultural heritage unapologetically throughout 2018.

We are determined to keep this up in 2019. Delivering high-quality content to our readers through various devices remains our guiding principle.

Our yearbooks The Low Countries and De Franse Nederlanden/Les Pays-Bas Français were published for a final time in 2018, and will be replaced by a set of ambitious websites: www.the-low-countries.com and www.les-plats-pays.com. They will go live on April 1st, 2019.

The French-language website will feature articles from our magazine Septentrion, which will continue to appear in print. Our main publication Ons Erfdeel will go on to be made, and from next year onwards, it will be accompanied by a fully-fledged website: www.de-lage-landen.com.

Not only will you be able to enjoy us in print, but soon you can access much more on the worldwide web.

We wish you a joyous and inspiring 2019!

Luc Devoldere

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