Savery’s landscapes with animals: first in Prague then in Flanders

Roelandt Savery (°Kortrijk 1576 - +Utrecht 1639), an artist from the Southern Netherlands, is once again attracting attention.

The Broelmuseum, in his native city of Kortrijk (West Flanders, Belgium), will host an exhibition of forty of his paintings and drawings from international museums and private collections from April to September next year. They include several recently rediscovered works.

The exhibition is on show already at the Národnígalerie in Prague. It will run till 20 March, after which it will move to Kortrijk. 

Court painter

Roelandt Savery was an important seventeenth century painter and one of the best loved in his own time. Because of religious problems he fled from his native Kortrijk via Bruges to Haarlem.

From there he travelled on to the court of Emperor Rudolf II in Prague, where his work is on show now. In an environment where the cream of European art and science gathered, Savery established his reputation as a court painter.


Savery became most well-known for his detailed and imaginative landscapes with all sorts of different animals, including the extinct dodo.

The European elite paid considerable amounts for them. Apart from that Savery also recorded daily life in Prague.

After his sojourn in Prague Savery returned to the Netherlands and lived in Utrecht until his death in 1639. 

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