Van Dale Publishes Latest Edition of Flagship Monolingual Dutch Dictionary

The 15th edition of Van Dale’s flagship Dutch dictionary, the "Dikke Van Dale", was launched earlier in October 2015. The dictionary is available on paper and online. The three volumes of the print edition are thicker than ever, produced in colour with illustrations. The first copy was ceremonially handed to poet and writer Bart Chabot at an event on 5 October (photo).

Van Dale is one of the most authoritative names in Dutch language matters, and celebrated its 150th anniversary last year. Additions to the newly launched dictionary in the ten years since the previous edition include 18,000 new words (around 5 a day), 21,351 new meanings and 5,869 new examples.

Working with designer Joost Grootens, Van Dale have introduced format changes and added illustrations to improve accessibility, maintaining consistent style between the print and online editions. A Wiki function has further been added, allowing users to add supplementary information (visually distinguished from entries edited by Van Dale’s lexicographers). This edition maintains established features such as the Lexicon font, developed specially for Van Dale in 1992. The first print-run will produce 25,000 copies, weighing in at 222,630 kg of paper.

At the book presentation editor in chief Ton den Boon commented that Dutch remains a dynamic language and that thanks to constant change a lexicographer’s work is never finished. The new words reflect social change and events of the past decade, including items such as kredietcrisis, giftige lening (toxic loan), klimaatontkenner (climate change denier), liken (to like on social media) and zorgpiraat (someone who makes use of healthcare services without paying).

For a preview of the inside of the print version see here. For further information on Van Dale’s various dictionaries see the publisher's website.

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