Extremely Distant, Yet Incredibly Close. Bieke Depoorter’s Travel Photography

(Kurt De Boodt) THE LOW COUNTRIES - 2016, № 24, PP. 142-149

Bieke Depoorter shows us how people live, how they come together to form communities and how they attempt to make the best of things in their own individual ways. The similarities between the series are more prominent than the differences. The individual and intimate touch on something universal. Above all this oeuvre in the making shows us naked survival: clothing, feeding, protecting, warming oneself and making life more pleasant, passing the time. In unguarded moments life comes down to shared space, losing oneself in the moment, light illuminating skin, becoming visible, existing. With her photos Bieke Depoorter kisses people from different continents goodnight. In the morning she says goodbye and goes on her way to share new evening adventures, extremely foreign yet incredibly close.

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