Ton Koopman - Conductor, Organist and Harpsichordist. A Seventy-Year-Old with an Overfull Diary

(Bart Tijskens) THE LOW COUNTRIES - 2016, № 24, PP. 150-157

Although his hair and beard may look slightly less profuse and luxuriant than a few decades ago, this ever-courteous, untiring and enthusiastic Dutch harpsichordist, organist, conductor and teacher still has a very full diary. Ton Koopman’s name is synonymous with more than half a century of music-making - a long period in which the small world of classical music has seen a great deal of change. And he has many plans for the future. He is keen to perform works by Claudio Monteverdi, and more of Joseph Haydn’s works too. He is particularly keen to record the work of Nikolaus Bruhns, a lesser-known German Baroque composer.

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