Unsentimental Compassion. The Documentaries of Peter and Petra Lataster

(Jelle Schot) THE LOW COUNTRIES - 2016, № 24, PP. 170-177

Peter Lataster (Amsterdam, 1955) and Petra Lataster-Czisch (Dessau, GDR, 1954) have worked together as documentary filmmakers for the past quarter of a century. A harmonious alliance – ‘together we are a single director’, they always say – that has already earned them a wide array of Dutch and international film awards, including a Golden Calf for Tales of a River (1994) and Not without You (2010). The strength of the Lataster team is perhaps the combination of Petra’s compassion and Peter’s unsentimental eye. The viewer never feels like a voyeur, no matter how personal and intimate the events in their films.

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