The Low Countries - 2012, № 20

19 april 2012

The theme of this twentieth edition is sport and play.
The national sports of the Netherlands (skating!) and Flanders (cycling!) are hymned in it. But also on parade are Belgium's racing pigeons, rated the best in the world (you can read this article here) and the Dutch footballers who are constantly labelled as, if not the best, certainly the most attractive to watch. But we would also draw your attention to Huizinga's Homo Ludens, one of his most profound books, and to the Olympic Games which are to be held this summer in London.
As well as the themed pieces this volume offers the usual choice of essays on writers and artists past and present, on history that survives to the present day and society that has evolved from its past.
This yearbook marks a whole twenty years that we have been playing in the global competition of cultural areas that put themselves on the map and demand attention. The editors of this yearbook are concerned above all with information, presentation and opinion-forming. Because we believe that the Low Countries have a great deal to offer, to show and to say. Because we want to make contact with other people. Because we believe in exchanging ideas. 

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